Cash Management

Safe, secure and efficient cash management is a serious business.

Here at Loomis we understand how important it is to have a partner you can trust when it comes to the reconciliation and handling of your cash takings.  When working with Loomis you'll benefit from specialist cash processing centres across the UK. Our experienced teams of cash processors are vetted in accordance with British security industry standards and our cash processing services can handle cash from multiple branches of national firms, to a small business with just one site. Any discrepancies in the cash you supply are quickly identified and resolved.

You will have full access to cash processing reports which give details of processed cash from all of your premises, while our tracking systems give you total security and transparency every step of the way.

What does Loomis offer that could benefit your business?

  • Cash processing and banking
  • Counting of notes and coins
  • Full reconciliation of all cash takings
  • Leading edge reporting system
  • Quick and efficient discrepancy management
  • Bulk till management
  • Experienced cash management team
  • Full transparency at every stage
  • Customer portal with 24/7 online access to reporting

Cash Collections Per Day


Number of Sites Serviced Per Month

Over £15 billion

Value of Cash Collected Annually



Loomis invests in the latest technologies, and in our own people, to deliver a cost-effective and highly effective service package – including cash counting, reconciliation and reporting. For our customers that means peace of mind – and more time to focus on building a profitable business.


Risk management is one of Loomis’ greatest strengths; we employ stringent policies and procedures at every step to ensure your cash is kept safe throughout the transportation and reconciliation stages.


When you work with Loomis, everything is clear and accessible. Robust online monitoring and reporting provide the ability to track cash activity and to view and export reports. The Loomis platform and the myLoomis Customer Portal provide accurate real-time information and instant accessibility.


Flexible and responsive, Loomis is geared to handle cash processing and management for businesses of all types and sizes – from owner-operated single sites to multi-branch national organisations. Whatever the size or nature of your business, if it accepts cash, Loomis can help.

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