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May Day and Spring Bank Holiday 2024

We would like to ensure that we provide you with the best possible service during the May Bank Holiday Period from Monday 29 April 2024 to Sunday 02 June 2024.

If you require additional services or your sites are closed during this time, please contact Customer Services for a Bank Holiday request form. Please create a new email with the subject line “MAY BANK HOLIDAY 2024” to ensure your request is prioritized.

This must be completed and returned no later than Friday 12 April 2024. After this date, we will not be able to accommodate additional requests or changes.

From this date our branch network will review all submitted requests and Customer Services will advise you of the outcome of your submitted Bank Holiday form – in instances where we are unable to accommodate your request, we will endeavour to offer you an alternative option.

All scheduled services that fall on Bank Holidays will be charged in line with your contractual terms, whether they are taken or not. Please take note of your Bank Holiday rule when submitting your requests.

Ordering cash for the Bank Holiday period:

It will not be possible to accept Cash orders placed after the dates and times shown in the table below:

Bank Holiday Date Ordering cut off times
Monday 6th May Wednesday 1st May @ 11:30 Wednesday 1st May @ 12:00 Wednesday 1st May @ 12:00
Monday 27th May Wednesday 22nd May @ 11:30 Wednesday 22nd May @ 12:00 Wednesday 22nd May @ 12:00

Please feel free to share the information contained in this letter with all relevant team members in your organisation. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the information above please contact Customer Services.

User Management is now live!

We are excited to offer this new functionality on our myLoomis Customer Portal!

This functionality is specific to our Head Office users and will enable them to;

  • create new users
  • edit user details such as telephone number, email & authentication method
  • delete users who have left the business
  • move users that change from one location to another
  • issue re-set password links
  • full user list export into Excel

This addition will enable Head Office users to maintain a secure and organised system by keeping records up to date at all times and being able to resolve access issues without having to go through various channels.

If you are based in a Head Office and would like to register for an account with us, please request this through your Loomis account owner.

Does your business require regular collections and deliveries of coins?

Loomis will ensure that you have the coin you need, when you need it – and that all your surplus coin is collected, counted and banked securely as quickly as possible.

Read more about our Cash & Coin Services


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