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myLoomis – Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for choosing/considering the use of myLoomis portal, our latest addition to helping better serve our customers.

We have pulled together a list of commonly asked questions to assist in helping you navigate around our portal.

Can I use the myLoomis portal on a desktop device?

Yes, you can use our portal on a desktop device using Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari or any latest browser. However, you will require a smartphone or tablet device if logging in using the Google Authenticator app.

Note: We can opt you in to text message authentication if this helps, please log a case requesting this by clicking here .

Do I have the latest browser to support this website?

Good question! In short, we cannot tell you for sure, however, this handy resource tool will assist in confirming if your browser is the latest and current. Please click here .

Can I use the Microsoft authenticator to access my account instead of Google?

Yes, you can use other authenticator tools in the same way. Our preferred method is Google.

Can I add all my sites under one email account?

Not currently, myLoomis portal is built to a site to person relationship. Future releases will see this functionality change.

Can we have more than one user per site?

Yes however each user will need to use their own business mobile/email address as the system will not allow you to use the same email address.

I’ve locked myself out of my account, how do I unlock it?

You can navigate to our page and start a chat with our chatbot, alternatively, you can log a case stating you’ve locked yourself out here .

I don’t have deliveries set up through Loomis, can I still use your portal?

Yes, you can still sign up for an account to report discrepancies or download and print your location barcode. However, if you're not set up for deliveries through Loomis, then this feature will not be available to you. We would happily welcome a discussion with you, to talk about our services. Please speak with your account manager to find out more.

I am a collection only account, can I still use your portal?

Yes, our portal has new features which have allowed us to open it up to all of our customers. You can now report a discrepancy which will be directed to the department that investigates the claim. You can also download and print your location barcode that the driver scans, meaning you no longer have to contact the local branch to request a new one if damaged or lost. Sign up today to see our new features for yourself!

Do you have a myLoomis APP I can download?

Our portal is not designed in APP form currently, it is accessible in a web-based version on mobile, tablet or desktop view.

I’ve entered the wrong Email / SMS Authentication detail when signing up for my account, how do I change this?

As you are not able to amend this yourself you will need to raise a case with us, click here and complete the form and one of our team will be able to assist.

I’ve forgotten my password, how do I reset it?

Simply navigate to the main login page here , hit the “Reset Password” link and follow the instructions on screen.

I have a new device, how do I get my Google authenticator app on my new device?

Before you dispose of your old device, you must go to the Google authenticator app and transfer the account from this device to your new device. See below steps;

  1. Install the Google Authenticator on your new device
  2. On your old phone, open the Authenticator app
  3. Tap on the three dots in the upper right-hand corner of the screen
  4. Tap on Transfer Accounts
  5. Tap on Export Accounts
  6. Verify your identity

How do I remove a user from the myLoomis portal if someone leaves our business?

Best practice would be to ensure the user's details are updated before they leave the business. This can be done in the account administration section when logged into the portal. However, we appreciate it isn’t always that simple, as an alternative solution, you can log a case here to request our portal administrators to remove the user from the system for you.

I am a head office user – how do I get a log in for the portal so I can see all sites within my estate?

Simply request a log in through your Loomis Account Manager. This cannot be done publicly as we need to verify you are a Head Office user.

What if I don’t have a business mobile phone/device to set up the authentication?

Email verification is a new feature available. Personal emails cannot be used (Gmail/Yahoo/Hotmail) when signing up. You will need to ensure your email address is a business domain prior to email authentication set up.

I can see some of my historic orders but not all – why is this?

The portal will begin exchanging data from the day you become an active user. Any orders prior to that will not be visible. This is the same for the reports section and the SafePoint.

I’m currently set to SMS authentication but I want to change this – how do I do this?

Simply click here to request for APP or Email authentication. We cannot completely remove the 2-factor authentication as this is a security requirement.

I’m struggling to set up the APP authenticator – can someone assist?

We cannot set this up on your behalf. Click here for the Google authenticator instructions. You’ll need to read through the instructions carefully to set this up correctly.

Last updated: 25th August 2022

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