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With almost two centuries of experience, we are proud to be world-class experts in cash payments management. Whether you are responsible for a large chain or have just one store, small or large premises , or varying volumes of notes and coins, Loomis is here to meet your cash management needs.

We offer tailored solutions to help any kind of retailer, restaurateur, franchisee, or local store owner achieve success. Our cutting-edge technology and highly skilled team ensure a seamless experience for you and your customers.

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Countless Payment Solutions for Your Business

Smooth Cash Collection

Hassle-free cash collection, right at your door. 

Coin and Note Delivery

We deliver notes and coins in the denominations you require. 

Secure Cash Automation

Streamline your cash management with our automation devices. 

Lower Carbon Footprint

Reduce your carbon footprint with our optimised cash automation solutions. 


Run Your Business With Ease

Staff Productivity

When you outsource your cash management, you streamline the cash-handling process, avoid unnecessary trips to the bank, and free up labor time so that you can focus on more productive endeavors.

Security and Protection

We help you minimise reconciliation errors and shrinkage, and we deter crime, all while reducing cash storage and transportation risks.

Sustainability & Innovation

We go above and beyond to provide forward-thinking solutions and lasting value, always keeping sustainability and innovation at the forefront in everything we do.

Transparent Tracking

You get complete transparency and control over your cash takings. With our Customer Portal, you can track your collections and deliveries in real time, and you will always know where your cash is.

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