Worrying trend in shop theft highlights need to take extra care of cash takings

Oct 4, 2023

Shop theft increase

According to a recent report issued by the British Retail Consortium, shop thefts have more than doubled in the past three years, reaching 8 million reported incidents in 2022 and costing retailers £953m a year.

The continuing fallout from the hardship caused by the pandemic and the ongoing cost of living crisis seem to have fuelled a shoplifting epidemic which store owners describe as ‘organised looting’.

Larger supermarket and the Co-operative chain are a key source of the statistics quoted by the BRC, but the trend is not limited to larger outlets. The Association of Convenience Stores (ACS) which is the voice of more than 33,500 shops, said it has recorded its highest-ever levels of shoplifting over the last year, with 1.1m incidents reported to the police.

Even more concerning is the regularity of cash thefts and the aggression which is accompanying some incidents, with perpetrators using weapons such as knives, screwdrivers, needles and hammers to threaten staff and demand cash from tills and safes.

Alongside this is the fact that for some stores, employing security guards or putting in place additional security measures is unaffordable, as such security is often flimsy and leaves stores vulnerable.

This is where SafePoint can be a massive help. Unlike some other safes available on the market currently, the SafePoint range is actually bolted to the floor and cannot be taken away or uncoupled in any way. Moreover, none of the staff in store can get into the safe to remove cash.

With SafePoint in place, accessing cash is virtually impossible for thieves who might have banked on an easy target.

In addition all contents of the safe are indemnified by Loomis! This great solution is competitively priced really and can save your business the headache of significant losses. Please get in touch and speak our friendly sales team and see how SafePoint can truly add value to your business. With scheduled collections and cash management reporting, a SafePoint package could be significant asset to the business - and a powerful deterrent to crime.

If you are interested in exploring a FREE trial* of SafePoint Compact please get in touch with our sales team to discuss the options available.

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